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The building was huge. Kate had passed it on her morning commute for years, the tower of gleaming glass windows amidst the other, shorter buildings.She never imagined that she would ever be stepping over its threshold.


She was dressed in her best business suit; grey jacket and skirt with flats. Every strand of hair was in place, pulled into a tight bun.
“Excuse me,” Kate said to the receptionist. “Good morning. I have an appointment. And interview with Heather Neilson.”
The receptionist smiled and said, “Good morning. May I have your name?”
“Kathrine Holt.”
The receptionist typed something on her computer. Then, “Please have a seat, Miss Holt. Mrs. Neilson will be right with you.”

Kate smiled and sat in a comfortable cushioned chair off to the side. Instinctively, she started doing her breathing exercises to calm her nerves and went over what she’d learnt from her self-study and training.
Select your target…
Clear your mind…
Be open…
She wasn’t sure how much time had gone by, but she was snapped out her reverie when someone called her name.
“Good morning,” a well-dressed man said. “Mrs. Neilson will see you now. Please come with me.”
Kate kept her breathing steady as she followed him into the elevator. The trip up the stairs was a quiet one. Kate wasn’t about to break the silence. When they reached the tenth floor, the man led her along a short hallway to a room. He knocked and, when the voice inside beckoned them in, he opened the door.
And there she was. In her black pants suit and curly grey hair, she faced the street through the wall window, her hands clasped behind her back.
“Miss Holt is here, Mrs Neilson,” he said.
“Thank you, Sam,” Neilson said, barely turning.


Sam took his leave without another word, leaving Kate to stare at Neilson’s back. After a few seconds, she pulled her hands from behind her and turned. “Have a seat, won’t you?”
Kate obeyed with a nod, settling into the seat across from Neilson’s veritably throne-like chair. Neilson sauntered from the window and sat. She thumbed through some documents on the desk, then spoke.
“So, let’s get right to it. You know I am looking for a remote viewer, and you seem to be one of the best people for the job. I’ve researched the field, and I’m impressed with my findings.
“The one question is: Can you do the job? I would be placing my trust in your hands. Can you convince me that you are the real deal, Kathrine? If you can, I would want you to guide my stock market investments.

Illustration for article titled Remote Viewers Test during Stock Market Job Interviewem/em

“I know, of course, that remote viewing is not an exact science. No need to educate me there. I only have one test for you to perform to prove your skill. Are you ready?”
Why am I nervous? I’ve done this many times before.“Yes, of course, Mrs. Neilson,” Kate answered.
“Good.” Neilson pulled out papers and a pen, and slid them across the desk. “Sam is his office right next to mine. Tell me what he is doing right now. And tell me when his vacation next is.”
Kate swallowed hard. She wasn’t kidding about getting right to it.She took the paper and pen, grateful that she had been doing her calming breathing the whole way to Neilson’s office.

Without another word, she turned towards the window. She pictured Sam. His handsome face, his bowtie, the scar the back of his left hand. And then she closed her eyes, blocking out everything, including Neilson’s imposing visage.
She’d expected to see a vague image of Sam typing away on a computer, but that wasn’t what her mind saw. She saw a pacing, a phone, a frowning face, and a calendar. Her eyes still closed, she scribbled everything she saw.
After a few moments of seeing and checking, she opened her eyes. She looked over her notes. Then, after a while, she turned back to Neilson.
“He’s not going on vacation. I think it was cancelled. Not sure why.” Her instinct pointed towards relationship drama. A divorce.“He’s on the phone. Angry.”
Neilson stared at her blankly for a few eternal seconds. “Well done, Katherine.I think I’ve found my new secret weapon. I’ll give you a call.”


Kate knew a dismissal when she heard it. She hurriedly got to her feet and thanked Neilson for her time before stepping out of the room. She passed Sam’s door, seeing a blurry image of him gesturing wildly on the phone through the glass window on his door.
Smiling with satisfaction, Kate headed to the elevator and headed back to the ground floor, and as soon as she step off the elevator her cell phone rang. The number displayed was ..........
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