Tea-Leaf Flower- How to Use Herbs to Lower Blood Pressure

Lowering blood pressure with herbs is a secret that was well known to the ancient Chinese medicinal systems. The use of Tea – leaf flower as a health care product especially using it as one of the herbs that lower blood pressure is becoming very popular now. It is one of the unique vegetable products derived from the plant kingdom that is well known as the right option for lowering blood pressure with herbs.

This is in use for more than thousand years from the days of the great ancient physician and surgeon Hua Tuo who lived during the period and worked at the end of the Han Dynasty between the years 141 to 203. This is one of the herbs that lower blood pressure and hence it is in use for such a long time in the ancient traditional Chinese medicine that is being used by the modern medical system to get the best benefits in regulating the blood pressure.


Among the herbs that lower blood pressure the tea-leaf flower occupies an important place as it is very effective in acting as an anti- hypertension medication providing excellent results. This wonder herb that is used for lowering blood pressure is collected in a unique way during the best period during which most medicinal benefits are available from this plant. The tea- leaf flower grows as a shrub and its tender leaf are plucked during the month of July during which it offers the best vaporizing influence and the ingredients that are beneficial to the mankind are found on the top branches of the plant. You can visit TCM clinic online to use Chinese medicine symptom checker

The herbs lower blood pressure with unique medicinal properties that have added many years to the lives of so many of the Chinese population all these years by regulating their blood pressure thereby preventing the onset of the cardio vascular diseases. The tea- leaf flower is very fragrant in nature and this is usually processed as the common green tea taking care not to involve them in any form of fermentation process. When you take this as one of the herbs to lower blood pressure you have to boil the tender leaves in boiling water to get aromatic and tasteful tea that adds more to your health by regulating and reducing the blood pressure.

Various clinical tests carried on with different parameters has clearly established the efficacy of this wonderful herbs to lower blood pressure and provide a stabilizing effect on the functioning of the heart. By using these herbs to lower blood pressure you get the ability to eliminate hypertension and reducing the risk of carcinoma and other forms of cardio-vascular diseases.

This is one of the herbs that lower blood pressure and is clearly established beyond doubt and it is efficiency as a health care product increases with time it is taken regularly as a health care drink. The active ingredients that are found in the tea – leaf flower tend to reduce the setting of hypertension stay in the blood for a long time giving it the best effect to cure and stabilize blood pressure. The active ingredients of tea- leaf flower include


o Flavone (2%) With Rutin

o Anthraquinone Derivatives

o Glutamine Acid

o Steroids

If you are a person with

1. High Blood Pressure

2. Cerebrovascular disease or Cerebral Arteriosclerosis

3. Coronary Heart Disease or Coronary Arteriosclerosis

4. Hypertension induced by infection with palpitations, swollen eyes and dizziness


5. Hyperlipaemia with lack of strength, dizziness, and aching waist and knees

6. severe dizziness and palpitations due to many years of drug therapy etc –

then you have to go or these herbs to lower blood pressure and have an enhanced level of health and wellness for a long time. Here I also recommend you to purchase SANLIDA , Top natural male enhancement herbal pills online. Unlike many other aphrodisiacs, SANLIDA Cordycepin is a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction.











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